Shortcut or Hotkey for “Ejecting” USB devices

How-To Geek has a nice writeup on how to create a shortcut or hotkey for the “Safely Remove Hardware” dialog. Comes in handy if you’re like me and use a flash drive alot.

Running Windows Apps in Linux

Lifehacker has a great writeup on running Windows apps inside Linux with VirtualBox.

Tweak Windows XP

MaximumPC HOWTO on tweaking XP, from speeding up the Windows Start Menu (to give the appearance of a boost!), to diagnostics, and other enhancements.

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Get the right codecs to play your media file

CodecInstaller helps determine what codecs you need to play a media file properly. If you end up using the software alot, drop the guy a couple of bucks, since the app is free.

Disable Vista Permissions Prompt

From Lifehacker, disable the “Need your permission to continue” prompt

Reclaiming System Memory (Windows)

Lifehacker has an article on how to reclaim memory by managing running processes. Not for your average user.

Wired: Optimize A Fresh Ubuntu Installation

A nice article in Wired:HowTo wiki on how to optimize your fresh Ubuntu installation with a few add-ons