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Email Attachments Coming In As .Bin Files

Problem: Had a user who was sending attachments (in this case they were MS Word documents with a .doc extension) through Outlook 2010. Some (not all) external recipients who were on Outlook Office 365 were receiving the attachments as .BIN files: Solution: On the Exchange server, for Remote Domains, tell it never to use RTF:

Problem Connecting To Shared Network Drive

Problem: Mapped shared network folder would intermittently disconnect itself, and user could not remap it.  When trying to remap it, user would get one of the following errors messages: “Local device name is already in use” “The drive could not be mapped because no network was found” “The [\\Server Name\Folder] is not accessible. You might
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Potent malware link infects almost 300,000 webpages • The Register

Make sure your IE has the up-to-date patches (or switch to Firefox) and update to the latest Adobe Flash Potent malware link infects almost 300,000 webpages • The Register. A security researcher has identified a new attack that has infected almost 300,000 webpages with links that direct visitors to a potent cocktail of malicious exploits.
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