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500 Internal Server Error

Got a personal website hosted on Godaddy that all of a sudden started giving me 500 Internal Server Error: I have the domain and hosting at Godaddy – Economy Linux hosting. I use WordPress as the front end. Not the WordPress setup they offer, but I uploaded my own WordPress files, setup a MySQL db,
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Exodus From China

With Google exiting China over it’s censorship issues, Godaddy no longer selling .cn domains names over censorship, Dell possibly thinking about “safer environments” for manufacturing, and Congress lighting a fire under Microsoft, could this be the start of a grand exodus out of China?

Stolen Domain: MakeUseOf.com

I use Godaddy.com for alot of my domains, both for domain registration and hosting, so this story doesn’t give me the warm & fuzzy feeling I’d like from a domain registration company. But nevertheless, it reminds us that we should change our passwords regularly and make sure that they are strong.  And it also reminds
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