Spyware On Every Android (And Possibly Blackberry) Phone Out There

Per Gizmodo – Spyware on every Android (and possibly Blackberry and Nokia) phone out there…

If you have any decently modern Android phone, everything you do is being recorded by hidden software lurking inside…

Carrier IQ’s software is installed in your phone at the deepest level. You don’t know it’s there. You are never warned this is happening. You can’t opt-in and you certainly can’t opt-out.

The commercial spyware sits between the user and the applications in the phone so, no matter how secure and private your apps are, the spyware intercepts anything you do. From your location to your web browsing addresses and passwords to the content of your text messages.

This even happens using a private Wi-Fi connection instead of the carrier 3G or 4G connection.

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Blackberry Contacts – Wireless Sync “Not Available”

Problem: User has a Blackberry. Is part of the company’s BES. Syncing wirelessly is the company’s default setting when deploying Blackberries. This particular user did not have the option. When I checked her Wireless Sync settings under the Contacts–> Options — >Desktop, it said “Not Available”.

I tried the following steps:

1. From your Blackberry, go to Options>Advanced Options>Enterprise Activation.

2. In the email field, press and hold the ALT key and type CNFG. Once you enter this a hidden menu should appear.

3. Change the “Wireless Sync” option to No and Save, then exit the menu.

4. Wait 30 seconds and repeat step 2.

5. Change the “Wireless Sync” option to Yes and Save, then exit the menu.

After trying the above steps, the option was available. I set the Wireless Sync to “Yes” however after a while the Enterprise Activation kicked in. After activating to 100% I checked the Wireless Sync option again and it was back to “Not Available”.

Solution: Had to check with the BES server folks. The user’s profile on the BES server did not have the Wireless Sync option enabled (guess they missed that option for her). Thus, every time I forced it, using the steps above, it was reset to “Not Available” after the Enterprise Activation sent down her Address Book Options from the server. After they enabled the option on the server, I waited about 10 minutes, and then noticed the Enterprise Activation process started again. After it completed, the Wireless Sync option was set to “Yes”