Ridiculous – #AAPL, #VZ Fight Against New York’s ‘Right To Repair’ Law | Techdirt

Update 6/1/17: Well score one for the little guy! Supreme Court rules in favor of Impression Products who sold refurbished Lexmark Ink.

This is ridiculous. Again, mega companies trying to push out the small mom and pop fixit shops. I should be able to buy parts and fix my iPad or iPhone or my Android phone just like I open up my computer to swap out a power supply, memory, or hard drive when they fail. I bought a repair kit to fix my wife’s cracked iPhone 5s. Phone was already paid for completely and well past the warranty date. Apple saying I wasn’t allowed to fix it myself for $35? Granted, if the thing is under warranty and I open it up it should void the warranty. But I should be able to get it fixed without having to shell out $100. Plus if I’m technically inclined, which I sometimes am, I should be allowed to do it myself.

Source: Apple, Verizon Join Forces To Lobby Against New York’s ‘Right To Repair’ Law | Techdirt

cnet – Verizon Wireless: Yep, that’ll be $2 to pay your bill online

There’s news out that Verizon Wireless wants to charge me $2 every time I pay my bill online using the single pay option. That means, when I get my bill, I’ll be charged a “convienence fee” of $2 for going online and paying on their website. However’ if I pay by check, through the mail, or sign up of auto bill pay, I won’t get charged.

Whaaat???? What kind of nonsense is this?  So you’re saying that it would be cheaper for me to send in my money, as a check, through the mail?

This ranks right up there with Netflix’s price increases…and the nickle & diming airlines…But it makes little sense since they’re giving other options to pay.

Update (12/30/11):  Now according to CNN, Verizon is scraping the $2 due to “customer feedback”. What kind of feedback did they expect from customers?!?

Update (01/16/12):  Got my Verizon Wireless bill. It’s up $1.75 anyways due to “administrative charges”, Fed surcharges, and taxes. What a crock.

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